PTI New Zealand: Partnering with Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce to Deliver Photography Masterclass

Working to support entrepreneurs among Vanuatu’s export industries, Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand recently partnered with the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and renowned international travel and commercial photographer David Kirkland to deliver a two-day Photography Masterclass.

"Understanding the importance of having a message behind your photo was the most important lesson for me," said Rosina Lawak, a participant in a Photography Masterclass workshop held in Port Vila, Vanuatu recently.

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand partnered with renowned international travel and commercial photographer David Kirkland and the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce to deliver the two-day Photography Masterclass workshop in Port Vila, Vanuatu 1-2 December 2022. Twenty-five people from local businesses, NGOs and government departments attended the course, hosted at the conference room at the Chamber of Commerce.

The workshop – the first is a series to be rolled out across the countries of the Blue Pacific Continent – was specially designed to help communications professionals in export, tourism and development industries make the best use of visual language through photography, in the marketing of their enterprises.

Astrid Boulekone, General Manager of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce said, “This course was a great help to Port Vila businesses seeking to create stunning imagery for their online and print marketing and communications.”

Under David’s expert guidance the workshop took the mystery out of photography and taught participants what they need to know about using a camera to make their business more successful. Whether participants were just using a smart phone or a larger camera, whether they were amateurs or serious photographers wanting to become professional, this masterclass fast-tracked their abilities.

David was able to tailor the hands-on learning at the event to suit – and supplement – each participant’s previous photographic experience, using whatever camjeras they had.

"Learning how to use color as a backdrop for your subjects is something I'm eager to practice after this workshop," said Karl Phillip, one of the participants.

David Kirkland said of the course, “I couldn’t have been more impressed with the enthusiasm of everyone who attended. I expected participation to wane after day one, but even more people turned up for the second day. Most participants just needed a bit of guidance, others clearly grew with the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone. And there were several photographers who I think have tremendous potential to make a living from there camera.”

“Digital technology and the internet are providing unprecedented opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services on the international stage. It can become competitive so businesses should be encouraged to lift their game and ensure the imagery they are using is compelling and hitting the mark to gain the necessary attention”, said Glynis Miller, Trade Commissioner for PTI NZ.

David is a professional photographer having work across in the Pacific for more than two decades, primarily working in the tourism, communications, media and banking sectors. Seventeen books have been published of his photographs to date, and he is in the final stages of publishing a new coffee table book on Vanuatu.

Please watch these pages for new of upcoming Photography Masterclass workshop in other centres of the Blue Pacific Continent.