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PTI gathers valuable insights from businesses across the Pacific.

Digital Dashboard

Click through to complete a two-minute survey and view recent data snapshots. 

Pacific Business Monitor Digital Dashboard

About the Pacific Monitor Survey Series

  • Since 2020 the PTI Network has run the Pacific Business Monitor survey series, gaining valuable insights from businesses across the Pacific.
  • In 2023, the survey was converted to a Digital Dashboard, creating digital snapshots from the Pacific business community. 
  • The Pacific Business Monitor continues to raise the voice of Pacific businesses, gathering insights on challenges faced, support needed, and opportunities identified.
  • This information is shared with the general public, as well as governments, donors and stakeholders, in order to assist with the design and development of Pacific programs, projects and policies.

Further Information 

  • - The PTI Network is an agency of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and is the Pacific’s leading trade and investment promotion agency.
  • - The PTI Network has commissioned Fifth Quadrant, an independent research agency, to run the Pacific Business Monitor.
  • - Each monthly snapshot requires a minimum of 30 responses.
  • - All responses to the survey are shared publicly and with partners.
  • - Opt-in contact details are not shared outside the PTI Network. 

Pacific Business Monitor Dashboard


Pacific Business Monitor Reports 2020-2022