Putting Nauru on the International Tourist Map

Tourism is an important economic driver for the Pacific Islands. A competitive industry, tourism can be difficult for small island nations like Nauru that struggle to gain exposure as tourist destinations. 

With the disruption of the tourism supply chain through increasing use of online channels to both purchase and influence the consumer decision-making process, having an online presence is vital. We are seeing a steady increase of consumers in developed countries integrating mobile and internet connectivity into their everyday lives. It is this shift that provides an opportunity for Pacific nations to reach a global audience by ensuring they have an online presence.

As part of PTI Australia’s Digital Tourism program, PTI Australia worked closely with the Nauru government to develop a national tourism website providing Nauru with a platform to engage an international audience, thus promoting Nauru as a tourist destination.

“We appreciate the support of PTI Australia in assisting Nauru in getting an online presence. The website is a very important step in supporting our tourism industry and providing a platform to promote Nauru internationally,” said Marita Akua, Nauru Tourism.

“Our national tourism website will allow us to further promote Nauru to an international audience as a travel destination.”

PTI Australia further supported Nauru by assisting with their membership of Hidden Treasures, Treasures of the South Pacific, to promote Nauru to the Australian travel industry. In collaboration with the SPTO in 2017, PTI supported a one-month campaign through TripAdvisor that provided online exposure to the unique selling proposition of Nauru as a holiday destination.


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