Upstream Hela Women Limited
Upstream Hela Women Limited
LOCATION:  Tari, Hela Province
INVESTMENT SIZE:  PGK$32 million (US$15 million)
INVESTMENT TYPE:  Equity Participation
PGK32 million (US$15 million)

UHWomen is a group of women from Hela and Southern Highlands Province, who came together and started an economic and social organisation called Upstream Hela Women Limited in 2011. There are 207 individual shareholders, and five groups that have more than ten thousand members and a 10 woman team of directors. A recent initiative the organisation has undertaken is the purchase of a semi-trailer Western Star Truck from Trans Wonderland Limited (TWL) to service Oil Search, the LNG project.

UHWomen also raised the funds to engage the services of a National Poultry Expert to discover the viability of a poultry farm in Hela. It has been found to be viable and has been costed at PGK32million (excluding the costs to build a fresh food depot and staff training). The project’s potential is enhanced by the vast number of workers, contractors and business people flooding into Hela under the US$15 billion PNG LNG project – expected to have a 30-year operational life. The opportunity to provide chicken and eggs to this market is enormous. The UHWomen are seeking a grant, soft loan, or equity participation to progress this project.

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