Teikabuti Fishing Co
Teikabuti Fishing Co
LOCATION:  Bikenibeu, Kiribati
INVESTMENT SIZE:  AU$500,000 (US$528,000)
INVESTMENT TYPE:  Equity Participation
AGE OF OPERATION:  12 years 
AU$500,000 (US$528,000)

Teikabuti Fishing Company Limited is a fully registered commercial fishing and fish processing company in the Republic of Kiribati. Teikabuti operated as agents for tuna long line operations and facilitated exports of sashimi grade tuna to Japan, Hawaii, and Australia. With assistance from the Australian Executive Overseas Program AESOP, from 1993 to 2003, three experts on five different missions provided Teikabuti with the food technology training and international food standards training in HACCP compliance, to develop high quality value added tuna products. The company now has the technology and experience to value-add all bycatch products – a means of turning reject fish into profitable products. Currently, Teikabuti Fishing Company wishes to expand operations into commercial long lining to achieve increased exports of high value tunas and value-added tuna products. Investors are sought to participate and grow this potentially very profitable business.

In operation since 1994

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