Premier bar and nightclub
LOCATION: Funafuti, Tuvalu
INVESTMENT SIZE: AU$300,000 (US$316,000)
INDUSTRY SECTOR: Tourism/Leisure
AGE OF OPERATION: 5-10 years

Seeking joint venture partner to purchase the former popular Pier-One Night Club located on Crown lease at the wharf. The Night Club was built 2 years ago, but the owner intends to divest and migrate overseas. The night club is well situated on the main wharf area and therefore to be operated as a premier club targeting not only tourists, but also yachts, crew and passengers of visiting foreign ships, and expats. Given the limited entertainment options on Tuvalua, the night club could become the social hub of the island. It is envisioned that it will be the only secure place in the whole of Tuvalu where foreigners and locals can socialise and enjoy an international standard of service.