La-Vasa-Resort Samoa
LOCATION:  Manono-uta, Samoa
INVESTMENT SIZE:  AS$5 million (US$5.2 million)
INVESTMENT TYPE:  Equity Participation
INDUSTRY SECTOR:  Tourism/Leisure
AU$5 million (US$5.2 million)

Le Vasa provides a private luxurious Samoan-style residential experience at our newly built oceanfront resort. All fales and villas feature beautiful South Pacific quality furnishings, fabrics and natural materials. The resort offers a Mediterranean flair combined with seaside elegance. Stunning sunsets, ocean and island views and private waterfront balconies are just some of the features that make Le Vasa Resort a favourite vacation choice among discerning travellers. This unique location has the benefit of being able to build and sell up to 50+ over the water, Oceanfront, and Ocean view fales and villas. Le Vasa Resort appeals to a variety of marketable segments within the local and overseas tourist industries. Investors with skill, wisdom and action will generate abundance while living their dream that most people just think about.

In operation since 2008

30 full time employees

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La Vasa Location
La Vasa Location