LOCATION:  Abatao, Kiribati
INVESTMENT SIZE:  AU$500,000 (US$528,000)
INVESTMENT TYPE:  Equity Participation
INDUSTRY SECTOR:  Manufacturing
AU$500,000 (US$528,000)

KiriCraft is a commercial boat-building company based in Kiribati. KiriCraft have demonstrated the capacity to build high-quality, high-finish pleasure craft for the Australian market. Since inception in 2006, 6 vessels have been exported to Australia including a 10.5-metre power catamaran, three 11-metre sports power catamarans, a 14-metre sailing catamaran and an 11-metre eco-power catamaran. KiriCraft is an emerging name for high quality vessels in Australia and can compete favourably with local and other importers because of its preferential duty free entry. As the Australian pleasure craft market improves, KiriCraft will have excellent opportunities for market penetration. Kiribati is a very politically stable, and an extremely cost effective country in which to do business. There is steady growth in business activities with vessel orders for Kiribati and nearby Pacific Island countries, and great potential to expand further. KiriCraft has well trained professionals with an excellent work ethic.

In operation since 2006

12 full time employees

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Kiricraft Map Location
Kiricraft Map Location