Fiji Fashion Week
LOCATION: McGregor Road, Suva, Fiji
INVESTMENT SIZE: FJD170,000 (US$96,000) p/a
FJD170,000 (US$96,000) p/a

Fiji Fashion Week (“FJFW”) is produced by the operating company Fashion Week Limited (“FWL”). FWL is a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Fiji in January, 2009.

It’s objective is to encourage the proliferation of globally competitive fashion design in Fiji and, in turn, drive export receipts and employment growth via international demand for such designs.

Fashion weeks are a global phenomena and designers from as far away as the US, India, Australia and New Zealand have all participated in previous Fiji Fashion Week shows.

Improved resources, planning, and a best practice approach have established FJFW as a premier event on Fiji’s social calendar and have launched the careers of aspiring fashion designers and models.

FWL has also successfully encouraged the establishment of the Fiji Fashion Council (FFC). It’s objective is to develop the fashion industry and relevant education.

Further, FWL has initiated the introduction of A Fashion and Design program. FWL and FFC are now in discussions with Fiji National University’s NPTC to set up the first Fiji Fashion & Design School in 2013 to foster and encourage rising talent.

The website provides good insight into the businesses quality and professionalism.

FWL’s primary source of cash revenue is corporate sponsorships. Although the diversity and level of support has improved across the 5 years of operation, it remains insufficient to create a truly sustainable financial footing. We have attached the 2012 Business Plan and this provides further detail regarding the challenges we are facing.

We seek a grant in the vicinity of $170,000FJD per annum to cover wages and other essential running costs until such time as the business has more reliable sources of revenue.

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