Abemama Island Boutique Resort
Abemama Island Boutique Resort
LOCATION:  Abemama Island, Kiribati
INVESTMENT SIZE:  AU$200,000 - 500,000 (US$210,000 - 530,000)
INVESTMENT TYPE:  Equity Participation
INDUSTRY SECTOR:  Tourism/Leisure
AGE OF OPERATION:  Not started
WEBSITE:  http://www.tripletee.com.ki
AU$200,000 – 500,000 (US$210,000 – 530,000)

The tourism industry in Kiribati is strongly encouraged by National Government. However due to a lack of international tourism standards, Kiribati continues to struggle to become a mass market destination, despite the beautiful scenery, welcoming and friendly people and the safe environment. A well-known local businessman, the proponent seeks a foreign investor to establish a high quality, local hotel on the pristine island of Abemama, located 152 kilometres southeast of Tarawa. Abemama Island has a rich cultural and military history and land has been secured for this development. The site spans 30 acres from lagoon to ocean.  It is freehold and wholly owned by the local partner.

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Abemama Island Boutique Resort Map
Abemama Island Boutique Resort Map